EB Jensen plays guitar with the Express band Jurgen Schwarze plays horns with the Express band Jimmy Mackin plays drums for the Express band Jim Jensen plays bass withe the Express band Reini Reiter plays accordion and keys for the Express band
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Band Bio

The Express formed in 1985.  Based in California the original members were Reinhold Reiter (keys), Jim Mackin (drums), E.B. Jensen (guitar), Kuki Bahl (sax) and John Nikitscher (trumpet).  Their debut performance was at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim formerly located where the Honda Center (previously The Arrowhead Pond) now resides.  John the trumpet player had come to the United States with a German band to play at the Alpine Village in Torrance California and ultimately became one of the founding members of Express.

In 1987 John retired from the band.  The band continued on as a four piece band for about a year until it added Lucky Roth, a second sax player and vocalist to the band.  Lucky was an accomplished sax player with a powerful voice and he knew the German lyrics to almost any American standard.  Lucky stayed with the band for about a year before Jurgen Schwarze, a very talented horn player and vocalist, joined the group.  The year was 1989 and Jurgen has been with the band ever since.

The Express continued to play throughout Southern California and occasionally out of state, but Kuki, the lead vocalist and sax player, started to experience problems with his health.  In 2004, as Kuki's health continued to decline, a decision was made to add a sixth man to the band.  Jens Ove Jensen was brought into the band.  He plays keyboards, guitar and bass but bass guitarist and vocalist has been his job in the band.  Kuki Bahl unfortunately passed away in 2005. 

Express continues as a five piece band with 3 founding members.  The last member joined in 2004 and prior to that, the next most recent member joined in 1989.  Love of music is the bond that holds the band together.  The playlist is immense and the diversity of styles keeps the Express busy playing for people who love to dance, party and have a good time.