EB Jensen plays guitar with the Express band Jurgen Schwarze plays horns with the Express band Jimmy Mackin plays drums for the Express band Jim Jensen plays bass withe the Express band Reini Reiter plays accordion and keys for the Express band
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Reinhold Reiter   ( Reini )

Reini was born in Linz, Austria.  He was 8 years old when his family moved to the United States in 1957 and ultimately settled in Ohio.  German music was always playing in the Reiter household.  He started learning Reinhold Reiter accordion and keysthe accordion at age 8 with the encouragement of his parents and grandparents.  Living in the polka rich environment of the Mid-West, Reini enjoyed listening and playing the popular polkas of Frankie Yankovic.  He and his family moved to Southern California in 1965 where he continued his academic and music education.  The move to California exposed him to a wide variety of music.  Reini enjoyed and was influenced by the different styles of Dick Contino, Art Van Damme, Jimmy Smith, Booker T. and the MG's, and Antonio Carlos Jobim.  After graduating from high school, he started playing local gigs which included mostly American standards with his electronic accordion (Cordovox) and various keyboards.  He soon started performing up to six nights per week in different night clubs in the LA and Orange County area.  In 1973, Reini started teaching accordion and keyboard classes in various private schools in Southern California.  Being a teacher of music, he says you have to appreciate the many types and styles of music from Classical to Pop and from Jazz to Rock.  In the early 80's Reini took a different direction by performing with different bands that played Southern Californian "German circuit" engagements .  In 1985, he  was one of the original founders of the Express.  They are celebrating their 28th Anniversary this year.  Reini is a huge promoter of the accordion in today's society.  He attends the Cotati Accordion Festival www.cotatifest.com every August in Sonoma's wine country which was founded by his friend Jimmy Boggio in the early 1990's.