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Jim Mackin   (Jimmy)

Jimmy Mackin DrummerJim was born in Landstuhl, Germany.  His given name is James Henry Mackin XVIII,which makes him the 18th person in his family to carry on that name.  Jim began playing drums at the age of 11 with the support and encouragement of his parents.  At the age of 17, he began listening to many of the great jazz drummers of the day and started taking lessons.  There were many, but some of the drummers he listened to included Louie Bellson, Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Jeff Hamilton, David Garibaldi and Steve Gadd.  He continued his music studies at 3 Southern California junior colleges learning to read drum music and playing with the bands in all three schools.  Jim went on to play with many local big bands but it was a saxophone player named Walter that would forever change the course of Jimmy's musical future.  Walter would sometimes be called to play in a German band named The Barons and he mentioned to Jim that the band was looking for a drummer. When Jim called to inquire about the position he was told that the band played "continental music".  Jim had no idea what that was but did not let on to the band leader.  He got the job and went on to play with the Barons until the Express formed in 1985.  Jim is one of the founding members of the Express and enjoys playing the many different styles of "continental music" that is played by the Express.