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Jens Ove Jensen   ( Jim )

Jens Ove was born in Haldum, Denmark, and immigrated to the U.S. in 1961 with his family. Like a lot of kids of his generation, he got turned on to Rock and Roll by watching the Beatles debut on the Ed Sullivan show. He taught himself to play from the “Hard Day’s Night” songbook on his brother Palle’s guitar, which had been left behind when Palle got drafted.Jens Ove Jensen playing Music Man bass guitar In high school, he taught himself to play piano during nutrition breaks in the choir room. After acquiring a Vox Jaguar organ, he and his friends Jeff Craig and Wil Davee on drums put together a three piece group, doing cover versions of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad songs.; The band needed a bass player more than they needed a keyboard player, so since his best friend Jeff was the better lead guitarist, Jim switched to bass guitar. The band played many high school parties and dances, but never made much money. Eventually, Wil quit, joining an accordion player named Frank Theer in a German music group called “The Barons” which had regular jobs at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim. The Barons lacked a guitar player, and occasionally would hire either Jim or Jeff to play. Jim’s brother E.B. would eventually become “The Barons” full time guitarist. In college and after, Jim joined various Top 40, Oldies and R & B bands, sometimes as a keyboardist/guitarist, and JensOve 'Jim' Jensen Bass Guitar sometimes as a bass player.  When his old friend Wil and Mike Waddell left the Barons to form their own German-style band, Jim was hired as the guitarist. The “M.W. Variety Band” played many German functions, and this is where Jim’s German repertoire was developed.Jim also has been involved in a number of original music groups over the years, including Threshold, The Deborah Rose Band, The Night-Creatures, and his own solo projects under the name “Project Algebra”. Jim is a prolific songwriter, and has recorded many songs where he plays all the instruments, and sings all the vocal parts.Jim joined “The Express” as a second guitarist, filling in for the ailing Kuki Bahl, but eventually settled back into bass guitar again because “The Express” needed a bassist more than they needed a second guitarist. When Kuki passed away, the current five-man line up was established.