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Ebbe Jensen   ( E.B. )

Eb was born in Aalborg Denmark, moved to Toronto Canada at the age of 5, then came to California at the age of 11. He began playing guitar and bass at the age of 13 but quickly lost interest.  It was not until the age of 18 that the musical bug bit him again.  Eb pleaded with a talented locally established guitarist Joe Kurkowski to show him some bar chords EB Jensen plays a Taylor T3 Guitarand blues scales.  The two of them would eventually join together in a country band called the Western Revolution, and then later in a top forty band called Mirkwood.  Mirkwood would stay together for 4 years and then dissolved when Eb was 25.  A year would pass before an opportunity to play another gig would arise.  A German based band called the Barons needed a guitarist for the night.  That was a first-ever experience of playing Polkas and Waltzes, but they also played some Rock, Latin and Country.  Eb became a member of the Barons which lasted until he was 35, when he and 4 other musicians formed the Express.  He has been playing with the Express since 1985.  In 1995 Eb went to a guitar seminar at a local music store.  Appearing that night was a solo finger style guitarist named Doyle Dykes.  He played with a thumb pick and played the bass, chords and lead simultaneously.  That night forever changed the direction of Eb’s musical interests.  Since that time, his off stage passion has been finger style guitar music, but it also lit a fire for all music.  The Express band offers the opportunity to play a wide variety of musical styles.  A few of Eb’s musical heros are: The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Doyle Dykes, Tommy Emmanuel and Chet Atkins.  In 1997 Eb joined the Association of Finger Style Guitarists.  It was an organization that promoted teaching and promoting the art of finger style guitar.  Eb has posted two finger style songs on Youtube.  One written by the Late Jerry Reed named Reedology.  Many people know Jerry Reed  from the Smokey and the Bandit movies but did not know that he was also an accomplished finger style guitarist.  The other song is a tune written by Gene Sloan and Arranged by Chet Atkins named Cascade.